Artists on the Quad

SATURDAY, MAY 19th, 2018

10:00am – 4:00pm

Celebrate the Arts of Our School District and Community. Listen to the sounds of our musicians as their notes drift along the quad. Enter the auditorium and feel the passion of dancers as they glide across the stage. Have the sound of our many voices touch your heart. Watch as actors weave a tale for you. View a gallery of expressions created by future artists. Watch our artists create masterpieces whether it be canvas, fiber or wood. That’s the Parkland Festival of the Arts – Artists On The Quad – A celebration of our school district and community artists, both young and old, both beginning and established, and a part of all of us and the world that surrounds us.

Artists’ Marketplace

Welcome to our Artists Marketplace. Here you will find a variety of work by the most talented craft designers and fine artists. From Water Colors and Prints to Floral Wreaths and Jewelry you will be sure to find the handcrafted creations you’re looking for.

Our Performance Showcase

The soft sounds of a String Orchestra, voices that create emotion, smooth rhythms of a Jazz Ensemble – these and many more are all a part of our Performance Showcase. Beginning at 10:00 AM and every 30 minutes thereafter watch as our Main Stage and Pavilion stage light up with the talent of our district and community – the hidden, the known, and those that are just beginning their journey. Enter the auditorium and enjoy the talents of our local dance studios.

The Hands On Experience

Pin Wheels, 3-D Butterflies, Sand Art and Spin Art – Be an Artist for the Day! Learn a new technique, find a hidden talent. Explore and discover new instruments at the Instrument Petting Zoo! Throughout the Festival you will find hands on experiences that will inspire you, allow you to create and ultimately take home a memory.

046The Gallery of the District

Elementary, Middle and High – Future Artists in bloom abound in the Parkland School District. Enter the Parkland High School Art Suite or venture into the rotunda to view displays of the best of the best from our schools of the district. Our Elementary and Middle School gallery is located indoors. Listen to live music while you view the wonderful artwork.







Art of Foods086

Enter the courtyard of the Festival and find yourself surrounded with a kaleidoscope of foods. Enjoy gourmet hot dogs with an array of toppings, grab some popcorn or indulge your sweet tooth with crepes or ice cream. Something for every craving!

The Art of Foods is coordinated by and benefits the various clubs of the Parkland High School. Tickets are required for purchase and are available at the Information Booth.

Video of the 2015 Artists on the Quad event (by Parkland Productions Club):